"Roadway in the Wilderness"

...Can I say I am pleased, happy in fact with the route my new work is taking. This mixed media paper. It is going places I never imagined paper could go! Just now the possibilities seem endless.... like a train of ideas resting in my head. My process has become a sort of dance with the Creator. A real spiritual place of comfort and restoration. Of peace, and joy. The above work (my very latest) is called "Roadway in the Wilderness." It holds a very personal kinship for me with how God is able to surprise us with joy in the midst of great struggle as in Isaiah 43:18-19. When, through the prophet Isaiah, God spoke comfort and assurance to Israel...

"Roadway in the Wilderness" is a celebration of joy. So full of energy and vibrant, the photo does not do this work justice. You'll just have to come see it in real time if you can. It will be part of my work at the upcoming show which will be at the Pierro Gallery. (See details right).


  1. I am really anxious to see where this wonderful path leads...thank you for sharing this exciting part of your life!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Roz!

  3. Thanks for the info Rosalind! Will check it out!
    I like it....has lot's of movement and vitality!