Hunt Slonem...

...Mentors don't necessarily have to be people you know, nor even people who are alive for that matter. This morning I was blog surfing and came across Sophie Munn's article about Hunt Slonem... I have loved his work for years, I have to admit, without having any idea who he is. The above painting baring proof. Completed in 2008, it's called "Homage" which is a nod to both Matisse and Slonem (note the birds behind the figure' right shoulder).... So Sophie's post made me dig a bit. What is it about Slonem's work that touches me so deeply?...

As I told a fellow artist at Sunday's opening of Visual Alchemy -- which is wonderful exhibit - I might add (Janet Taylor Pickett did an amazing job curating, and seamlessly stitching together a diverse group for the show). Most artist create from an emotional level, but for the work to progress, there has to be an internal dialogue about the WHY? of it all. So what does a mixed media paper maker have to do with a guy who paints birds? Plenty. Rhythm. Texture. Heart. His passion is uninhibited. In my own quiet way -- I think I am the same. Inspiration comes in all sizes... (Above right: Lories, 2009, Oil/Canvas 93x133 by Hunt Slonem)

There is a book out called "Pleasure Palaces: The Art and Homes of Hunt Slonem". Can't wait to read the bio, yes -- it's already on order!

If you are interested in Hunt Slonem's work, here are a few interesting links I found:
Sophie's Post
A video interview from 2008 Sunday Morning
Hunt Slonem and the "Blue Lincoln"
His Website


  1. Hi Rosalind,
    lovely to hear from you the other day...and now to see this painting of yours posted here....loved it... the colours and textural/textiles thing!
    Great to see you found further links.
    Blogging is great the way it leads you back to things that have been part of yur world at other times!

  2. Hi Rosalind,
    What a great email – content and images. Your comments about Slonem are excellent. Thanks for sharing!


  3. The painting is beautiful! I can undersand why you find this artist inspiring. Of course, I am always inspired by your work:).