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...Two days ago a woman pointed out to me the ills of our "electro poluted society." I listen intently --of course... But then something happens like today, and I say OK -- I will just have to cut out a few more cell phone calls and TV shows, because surf the net I must. Traveling to the far reaching ends of the earth for new sources of information and inspiration. Today I discovered just such a site in Dieter Freyer. A world wide resource for all things pretaining to handmade paper...
I love how they discribe the data base project, which started as a one page website in 1998 and now contains some 618 links. They say:
"Despite an almost endless variety of machinemade papers, in all structures, colours and weights, handmade paper still has its charm in our days. The search for something special has drawn attention to handmade paper. Keeping in hand a sheet of handmade paper - the result of craftsman's skill - one may wish to recall the origins and history of this craft and technique.

Using the most modern medium - the paperless World Wide Web - for retrieving informations on a two thousand years old craft, a lot of interesting websites on paper history, historic paper mills, paper museums and handmade paper in general can be found...."
Categories include: dictionaries, glossaries; histories, instructions, Museums - of course, organizations, producers, workshops -- even watermarks. Created by Dieter Freyer, a photographer and watercolorist living in Vienna, Austria, he is a man after my own heart... What can I say but link, link, link! Thanks Dieter...

Click here to > HAVE A LOOK!

ABOVE IMAGE: "Destined Hearts" Commissioned Bridal Journal Cover 2009


  1. Bravo.

    I agree. The internet is an amazing resource and worth the time it takes to explore. Thanks for sharing.



  2. Rosalind,
    Thank you! This is a very valuable resource and I have bookmarked it for future use.

  3. Valuable post. Thank you. Have a very cool and Happy Easter!

  4. Hello Rosalind,

    Love the pretty blue paper and thank you for sharing this link of Dieter Freyer.

    I hope that you are having a lovely weekend

  5. Just found your blog, an interesting post. who can remember a time before the net. thanks for the link. ida