Walker House Commission...

"Circles and Lines" 2020, acrylic paint on canvas 5 ft square.

The Walker House

New work: "You Think You
Know Me" acrylic on canvas

48" H x 30" W
They’re up!! My art: “Circles and Lines: 1) Magic 2) Bull 3) Her 4) Bloom” acrylic paintings on canvas. I created this work for the commercial lobby of the Walker House, a new residential and commercial project located at 540 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey. 

The Walker House is a historic 1929 Art Deco building (left) and the former Headquarters of New Jersey Bell Telephone. It was designed by noted 20th-century Art Deco architect, Ralph Thomas Walker, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in September 2005.

My idea for the paintings was to take the basic elements of Art Deco design and abstract them -- hence "Circles and Lines." I found the process sort of spiritual and therapeutic, as I listened inside to see what each canvas wanted to become. Hard to explain to some perhaps, but the creative process is always a work of hand and spirit. With the exception of maneuvering the large canvas around my long narrow 1924 row house studio, I found the process very enjoyable. I have since begun work on additional circles and lines abstract paintings combined with collage (as the one shown left).

Installing work that large was a new process for me. Fortunately, I had the help of the very competent fellow artist and art installer German Pitre. I hired him for the project, and he was a godsend. He made the process easy. Besides his own art, installations are something he does for hire on regular bases.

Below are a few more images of the four hours we spent hanging the work. Additionally, are images of the interior of the Walker House, and how the residential lobby with all of the Art Deco details still intact stands alongside the new commercial lobby. The two lobbies are separated by a glass partition to keep residential traffic private.

Thank you German Pitre for a flawless installation. Thank you Lauren Craig, NEWARK ARTS Council, and L+M Development Partners for the commission.

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