Philly Girl In the Making....

Working on new work: "SAVANNAH LANDSCAPE 4: Rebirth" Mixed media collage on handmade paper 38” H x 18” W.

After my two year respite in the South, it's still sometimes hard to realize that, a few months ago, I relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Living in New Jersey for so many years, Philly was a place we came for same-day passports, cheesesteak sandwiches, or just passed through on our way south to see family. But I must confess is it fastly becoming a place I am loving to live.

Still getting my sea legs, I am networking with new friends, and getting reacquainted old ones. My longtime friend in paper Winnie Radolin invited me to a couple of events sponsored by The Guild of Papermakers. It was nice to see her after so many years and to catch up with a group of like-minded papermakers.

Last month too, I got to meet Lavett Ballard, an artist whose work I have long admired. Through her invitation I currently have work in the following shows:

The Colored Girl Museum: 4613 Newhall St, Philadelphia, PA 19144
(You must check their website for hours)

The Kennedy Center Gallary: 429 John F Kennedy Way, Willingboro, NJ 08046 - thru March
(Opened weekdays and some weekend hours)

I believe Philadelphia is going to be good for me creatively. I live and work near "Town Center" (what Philadelphians call downtown). Translation = walking distance to a multitude of history, amazing architecture, ironwork (my secret passion), several museums and a bevy of other inspiring resources -- I can't wait to see! There is walkability about this city that reminds me of Paris. So many neighborhoods with distinct personalities and tucked-away cafes. This is going to be my year. That's my confession as I begin to merge new experiences and this new season into expressions of my art, which I am beginning to share. 

If you are in town I hope you get a chance to visit one of the above shows and continue to check back to my website, as I will soon be posting new work.

New work: "Savannah Landscape #1" 2019,
Mixed media handmade paper collage on Arches paper 22" H x 15" W

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