New Independent Film.... "A Beautiful Soul"

...If you are at all connected to me through any kind of social media, you may have noticed that my fingers have been all a flutter this morning talking about this new film "A Beautiful Soul." For several reasons I am so excited about the premiere on Friday night and the subsequent release the following week in AMC theaters nationwide....

AMC theaters nationwide -- I just love saying that! OK. First I am excited to see an independent movie of this quality come to the big screen, and the fact that it has a spiritual message even more so.

Then there is Deitrick Haddon. A Gospel singer, songwriter, producer and pastor. A popular artist known for his contemporary style of music, he is well known for his progressive gospel styles.

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Deitrick Haddon
Haddon launched his solo career as a Christian R & B vocalist with the Lost & Found on Tyscot/Verity in 2002. The set peaked at #1 on Billboard's Top Gospel Charts and received wide critical acclaim and spawned the hit "Sinner's Prayer."  He followed that success with the 70's-leaning Crossroads followed in 2004, led off by the upbeat single "God Is Good". Since then he has had a stream of hits in a successful career ... His work as a gospel artist shares the spotlight with the fact that he is also the Pastor at Detroit's Kingdom Culture Church, taking over from his father. ...I am always excited to see young people break the mold and reach toward the potential of their authentic voice.

Bryant Scott
Which leads me to my last reason for promoting this movie. At the age of twenty my sister's oldest child Bryant (Stevie) Scott, took the helm of TYSCOT Records from his father Bishop Leonard Scott. Tyscot Records was founded by Craig Tyson and Dr. Leonard Scott in 1976.  It is now the oldest African-American owned international gospel record company in the nation.

For years I have watched my nephew manage Tyscot with creativity and intelligence. Shifting and repositioning and growing the company into the multimedia corporation it is today... It's sometimes hard to believe this is the same little boy I shared such a unique bond with when he was a child.

Tyscot latest diversification has been in the arena of producing independent films. Starting with Deitrick Haddon's Blessed and Cursed a couple of years ago (in now available on DVD), Bryant is once again leading Tyscot into new territory.

Anyone who knows anything about independent film makers, knows how hard it is at every level to create, finance, and distribute anything that does not come from the Hollywood power machine. And yet, more and more, independent films, documentaries, and networks like TV1, BET, PBS, among others, are bringing authenticity and quality back into visual media...

I am of course biased about this film... Because I understand the history passion and sacrifice it has taken to bring Tyscot to this point. As my readers and friends I am just requesting that you help promote the film anyway you can. So that independent work continues to grow and thrive in the entertainment industry.

In behalf of all those who worked on this project, and for those of us who are connected to them -- thank you. Blessings

What Video Trailer:

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