...Just found this book and this resource via my friend Leslie Avon Miller, at Create Your Best Life Coaching (see Coaching side bar under "Blog Roll"), who always has great nuggets of inspiration to share, I might add ... Anyway, felt Life is a Verb, really worth sharing... won't even begin to explain WHY the concept of this book has touched me so much at this juncture of my life...

Just check it out and see if it's for you too!

Why 37 days? from Patti Digh on Vimeo.

Here also is a link to Patti's blog: 37 DAYS (Reviews say that most of the essays in the book are available via the blog, in case you just want to check it out first like I plan...


  1. Thanks Rosalind! I hadn't seen the video. I may add that now to the blog so others can share it. I have been living in a 37 day style for a long while now, although I confess I slip once and a while. "Things will be better when the studio is done..." for instance. Yet without my studio I completed lots of small collage and enough work for a solo exhibition. (But it will be easier with a studio!)
    I'm glad you enjoy Patti and her stories!

  2. Hi Leslie;
    looking forward to seeing your finished studio space... I am really going to try the 37 day style. Torn between purchasing the book, or just reading the blog.... Think the book might be easier to navigate. Thanks for stopping by.