I made three sheets of the above paper with pigmented abaca, a dash of cotton, and some old French linen dish towels given to me by a friend...
First by laying an extra thin base sheet into a pour mold. I then used a turkey baster to drip over that sheet in patterned motions with red pigmented abaca - and some other stuff... Laying in inclusions of vintage lace and metallic threads as I went... (click photo to see larger image)

...Think I subconsciously dedicated the sheets to MJ too.  The process felt just as exciting for me as the first time I watched him moonwalk... Remember thinking then that there were no bounds on his talent. My sheets too, so light and airy, almost like  feathers... hold endless possibilities. The dripping process took a bit of time, but very therapeutic.

So my new year goal:
Is to live and work OUTSIDE THE BOX -- To make it Personal, Creative, Abundant, Joyous, Faith-filled, Intelligent, Authentic, and  most of all Amazing in real time....

Image: Moonwalk II, Original sheet sizes: 19”x35”
Samples of this paper were shared in the 2009 Friends of Dard Hunter Keepsake


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  2. Hi Rosalind,

    Hopefully the fault will be fixed and I will be able to leave you a comment today.
    I love this pretty pink paper, reminds me of beautiful roses.