Above is an image of some of my new work: "Mama's Day" (click the image to see larger view) reminds me of childhood and how busy my mother's life was as a working mother...
Still she always manged to make everyday things seem special and creative.... She and my Grandmother used their hands to make things, build things, repair thing, improvising for what we could not afford with other things. I think that's why anything crafted by hand appeals to me. It is part of a sacred history stored in my heart that nurtures me... I don't think people today create enough with their hands, and that's why there is so much frustration in the world. Below is a reading that sums up, for me, the importance of working with your hands...

From"Plain and Simple" 
By author Sue Bender, who writes:

enturing into a seemingly timeless world, 
a landscape of immense inner quiet, 
I spent five summers living and working with Amish families. No one rushed. Each task was done with care. There was no hurrying to get to the "important things." For the Amish, it was all important. Five minutes in the early morning and five minutes in the evening were devoted to prayer. They spent the rest of the day living their beliefs. Their life was all one piece. It was all sacred - and all ordinary...

The above work: 
"Mama's Day" 2010, Mixed Media Handmade Paper, 
approximately 30"w x 36"h

On view at: 
Art In The Atrium 18th Annual Exhibit (click here for details)
January 29 - March 18, 2010
Atrium Gallery
2nd. Floor thru 5th Floor
Admin &Records Bldg
10 Court Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

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  1. Thank you for sharing your work and these poignant words—both yours and those of Sue Bender's. (Plain and Simple was the last book I read aloud to my mother before she passed — which seemed somehow appropriate.) I agree that using your hands to craft things " part of a sacred history stored in my heart that nurtures me..."