KINDRED SPIRIT: Takahiko Hayashi

The Nest of Invocation 42x27.5cm - paper making, painting, collage 林孝彦 2012

...I have found another kindred spirit in Takahiko Hayashi... using painting, printmaking, collage, and paper making, this Japanese artist creates beautiful textured abstractions. He says of his work, “I try to create something from capture negative to represent express the present with history, and east and west. It is when objects exist that nothingness can be recognized for the first time...”

Born in Gifu Prefecture, now a resident of Saitama Prefecture, Takahiko Hayashi diligently works at creating masterfully bold abstractions, often with vibrant color. His work has a mystical quality and the titles reflect interest in philosophy 'Considering Lao-Tse' as well as natural phenomena 'The Spinning Wind'.(1)

I think what I like best about his work is the elements of compartment like repetition, vertical composition, that create such wonderful textured monologues... What does that mean? Simply, his work speaks to me, which is what art should be about. The freedom to gravitate toward something without needing verbal explanations as to WHY...

A real diversion from the fluid organic images I have been working with for past couple of years.... Although I have been drawn to these elements for a while now. So I have been experimenting in my own work..... Outcomes to be shared later.

You can see more of his work on my Pinterest board: PAPER ARTIST :: Takahiko Hayashi (just click this link) 



  1. How wonderful! Thank you for posting this beautiful work. And for leading me to your Pinterest page - so many fascinating photos.

  2. Hi Carol;
    Not sure why I did not see your post sooner. But you are welcome.... Pinterest has become a wonderful resource for meeting other artists from around the world. SIMPLY LOVE IT!

  3. Gorgeous work...thank you!