New Inspiration: STUDIO JENS PRAET

Established in 2007, studio Jens Praet is a design studio based in Panzano in Chianti, a small town near Firenze, Italy, run by Belgian designer Jens Praet. Jen's takes recycled paper to a entire new level...

"Shredding is supposed to be a last step into an informational abyss, where secrets are buried forever and trash is recycled into new forms. Instead, this series of reconstituted-paper furniture sets these page shreds up on display... Some of these Fossilized items by Jens Praet are made from white-page document sets while others come from a single magazine title with enough issues available from which to build a side table, bench, console or shelving unit..."
From my new favorite website on innovative design DORNOB

"Our biggest item from the Shredded Collection ever made!The Shredded Collection Table (Fast Company Edition) is made from 26 kg Fast Company magazine leftovers and clear resin..."

" ...Mixed with clear resign, the limited-run objects are made in a mold then finished by hand. As needed, they are then topped with additional transparent polycarbonate to add structural rigidity or create a flat surface for everyday use" 

....All I can say is hmmmmm.... 
if it's PAPER
it's good!

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