“A Quiet Warrior of Her Art”

You Are Never TOO OLD...

"After six decades of very private painting, [Carmen] Herrera sold her first artwork five years ago, at 89. Now, at a small ceremony in her honor, she was basking in the realization that her career had finally, undeniably, taken off. As cameras flashed, she extended long, Giacomettiesque fingers to accept an art foundation’s lifetime achievement award from the director of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis... In in England, The Observer of London called Ms. Herrera the discovery of the decade, asking, “How can we have missed these beautiful compositions?” "

Not that you need put a price tag on what brings you joy, but Carmen Herrera's work now sells upwards between the 30,000 and 40,000 range, and is collected in museums across the country.... Read more about her amazing journey to success by clicking the link below:

By DEBORAH SONTAG  Published: New York Times Sunday, December 19, 2009, Art & Design Section. Photos by: Todd Heisler

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